Анализатор потока

Позволяет оперативно узнать:
1) доступность потока в public интернете;
2) сиды-пиды;
3) битрейт.
Например, (поток доступен для сайта dvb.by)
May 19 00:18:44: INFO: [main] Starting Astra v.5.64 (Special Edition) [commit:7d7264df date:2018-11-28]

Usage: astra [APP] [OPTIONS]

Available Applications:
--relay Relay is an application for
the digital television relaying
via the HTTP protocol
--analyze MPEG-TS stream analyzer
--femon DVB Signal Status
--dvbls DVB Adapters information list
SCRIPT launch Astra script

Astra Options:
-h, --help print help message and exit
-v, --version print version number and exit
--no-stdout disable logging to the console
--no-info disable info message
--debug enable debug messages
--log FILE write log to the file
--syslog NAME send log to the syslog with defined process name
--pid FILE full path to the pidfile
--daemon start as a daemon

Application Options:
-p PORT turn on web interface
-c FILE path to the channel list
-n S stop analyzer and exit after S seconds
-o FILE path to save stream into the file
ADDRESS source address. Available formats:

Template: udp://[localaddr@]ip[:port]
localaddr - IP address of the local interface
port - default: 1234

Examples: udp://

Template: rtp://[localaddr@]ip[:port]

Template: file:///path/to/file.ts

Template: http://[login:password@]host[:port][/uri]
- Basic authentication
host - Server hostname
port - default: 80
/uri - resource identifier. default: '/'

May 19 00:18:44: INFO: [main] Exit